We Got a Kickstater Fever of 104% Funded, Guess What the Only Cure Is

More Kickstarter!

We have reached our goal! Good work, folks. The virus will now be unleashed upon humanity. We couldn’t
have decimated the world population without you.

We wish we could be there to infect… I mean, to thank you in person, but please accept this video message and download a 256kbps MP3 of our cover of “99 Red Balloons” as a token of our appreciation!

Stay tuned — there are many more album updates to come. Please help us exceed our goals and let’s give this planet a Pandemic they’ll never forget!

This is the coolest thing ever! There are not enough exclamation points in the world!

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Nine Days to Go for Pandemic Kickstarter, So Close to Our Goal


Buds, we’re getting down to the wire on the Kickstarter campaign. With just nine days to go, we’ve managed to raise a whopping $3,156 from 78 of our awesomest fans. Thank you all for your support.

Let’s not get cocky, though. We still have about $500 to raise in the next nine days or our project will not be funded! So, we’re asking for your help in the home stretch to get this sweet yellow vinyl out to all the doomed boys and girls:

1) Tell a friend – Know anyone who’s into apocalyptic rock? Encourage your best friend or worst enemy to pre-order Pandemic. In the latter case, we’ll see what we can do about slipping some weaponized anthrax in there 😉

2) Stop, drop & roll – This won’t help with our crowd funding, but if you’re on fire it’s probably a good idea.

3) Up your pledge – Did you know you can increase your pledged amount after you back us? If you signed up for the $25 LP package, please consider upgrading to the awesome $50 or $75 packages. Everything from T-shirts to secret survivalist jump drives to your name in the liner notes is up for grabs.

Here’s that link one more time: Dead Unicorn Kickstarter. Thanks again, and stay tuned, the Pandemic is imminent.

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