Are Alien Abductions Really Just Diaper Change Flashbacks?

I thought people who believe in the Rapture were insane… then I started researching the UFO/alien community. So many abduction stories, so many similarities, but no scientific proof. Just blind, ignorant, gullible belief. Such is the way the brain is hardwired to work, unfortunately. We come up with an explanation when there is none to make ourselves feel better.

To be clear, I believe aliens exist based on the Drake Equation and its variants.

Interestingly, one of the main criticisms of the Drake Equation’s suggestion that other life existing in the universe is a mathematical near-certainty is that life only exists for limited timespans because all races eventually go extinct (often through self-inflicted technological or environmental apocalypse). In other words, other life exists, but given the vast timescale of the universe, we may be the only life existing at this particular time.

But with all the postulation, all the scientific observations of our universe, no one can claim aliens have ever been scientifically proven. The human brain creates explanations whether they’re true or not. So if you experience some crazy shit, it’s easier to chalk it up to God or Aliens than actually delve into the mystery and learn something about yourself and the world.

As a new father, one thing that strikes me is how similar alien abduction experiences are to changing a baby’s diaper. No, really! Laid on a table, bare walls, bright lights (you’re staring up at them), one or more beings crowded around, examination (how dirty is the diaper, any diaper rash, etc.) having your butt probed (wiped), not being able to understand what the beings are saying but feeling an empathic (or apathetic) connection… the list goes on.

Another common alien abduction thing is waking up in a womb-like structure and floating. Sound familiar? That’s how every human starts out!

The alien abduction experience to me seems very similar to what babies experience repeatedly for much of their lives. It makes perfect sense that our brains could short out and that a defense mechanism would be to revert to the foundational experiences encoded in our neurons. Way more sense than tens of thousands of reported alien abductions with not a shred of scientific evidence.

Granted, my little theory here isn’t scientific either, but I’m not the only who thinks there might be something to it. What do you think? Are alien abductions real, or can they be explained by flashbacks to times we have subconscious memories of? Or something else?

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