• My Nerdy HavenGlobal Thermonuclear War review | Apr. 4, 2013

    “…this might be one of the best free CDs I found online… gets an easy 9/10 from me.”

  • Frostclick. Global Thermonuclear War review | Dec. 26, 2012

    “Starting the album loud and proud, So Much For Us is an easy favorite. With slight wailing and skillful bass playing, the song is essentially a template of good hard screamo rock.”

  • FastLaneDaily. Fiesta Movement Interview | Apr. 10, 2009

    Dead Unicorn appearance starts 4:28

  • NY Daily News Ford Fuelin’ Fiesta Hype | Apr. 3, 2009

    “‘We got real excited because we had a car that was broken down. This opportunity came up, and what better way to get back on the road?'”

  • Alterati. Wes Unruh interviews Dead Unicorn | Jan. 10, 2008

    “…the dollar’s at an all-time low, we’re in for a recession. Even the government’s admitted that we’re in for a big recession in 2008, so I’m really looking forward to it as a way to get our platform across. When people are lining up in bread lines, they’re going to be more into the idea that ‘Hey, we’re all going to die, let’s do whatever the fuck we want’ and not worry about making the stupid money at my stupid minimum wage job.”

  • Razorcake. Matt Average reviews Yellowstone Supervolcano | Aug. 7, 2007

    “Dead Unicorn spread the fear and paranoia via a mix of grind and nü metal stylings. You can sing along in a tuneful manner, then growl in fear and anger over the fact your life is being cut short by a river of lava.”

  • Chronogram. Jeremy Schwartz reviews Yellowstone Supervolcano | Aug. 2, 2007

    “The sound is broadly low-end, staccato riffing and machine-gun drum fills, but with hairpin turns in tempo, majestic squalls of distortion, and supple musicianship allied with superb production, lending the disc a very dynamic feel.”