NY Eve + Creative Commons Holiday Shopping List

Our traditional Kingston, NY New Year’s Eve show is in full effect at The Anchor, check out the Facebook event page. We’re excited to dust off some songs we don’t play that often and of course get drunk on champagne and craft brews while partying with our people!

In other exciting news, Creative Commons has included Dead Unicorn on their 2013 holiday shopping list. We’re honored to be mentioned by the foundation that is reinventing copyright for the 21st century by providing licenses that protect artist rights while allowing for music to be shared, remixed and otherwise fairly used.

We license all of our music under the Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0 license, which means our music is free to share, copy and remix for non-commercial purposes, as long as we are attributed as authors. The organization just released a new set of licenses under their new 4.0 version, so we’ll be taking a look to see how we can maximize your free and fair use of our music even more.

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