Album #5 “Overboard” Out 9/11/21

🌊  The wait is over. The storm is fast approaching. Have you learned to drown?

💦  New album “Overboard” out 9/11
💦  New single & video “Mistakes” out this week
💦  Release show & Dumb Won art show 9/10 at Kingston Pop Museum

Track list:

1. Mistakes
2. Last Dying Wave Of A Drowning Child
3. Shark Food
4. Tsunami
5. Washed Away
6. Learn To Drown
7. Flash Before Your Eyes
8. Walk The Plank
9. Naked In The End
10. Eye Of The Storm

Recorded & mastered at Nada Recording, engineered & mixed by Leaning Tree Studio.

Thanks for the many years of your support. We can’t wait to share this with you, it sounds insane!

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